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Welcome to the Village Newsletter:

What an exciting time to be in Beulah! Not only is spring starting, we are pleased to be involved with the Beulah Brainstorming activities. The community participation in the 3 meetings earlier this winter was evidence of the support the Village of Beulah has in its citizens. Everyone will see evidence of the work later this spring and summer. A reader requested more specific information on the Village Council meetings. We try to share specifics such as the upcoming sewer and sidewalk projects and the Village President has a column as well. The meeting minutes are posted on the Village of beulah website. We made an error in the last issue, the auction at the Best Western in February was with the Chamber of Commerce, not the CLCBA. Again, thanks for your feedback and please continue to give us your ideas.

Phil Downs and Vicki Carpenter-Downs
Volunteer Editors

From the Village President (Pro Tem)
I have enjoyed my stint as acting President Pro Tem in the absence of President Jerry Rank for these past few months. His absence has been due to the fact that he deserted us this winter for the warmer climate of Florida and its golf, swimming, fishing and basking in the sun while we endured a long cold winter with above average snowfalls and the coldest spring in fifty years! With April upon us, I still see ice fishermen on Crystal Lake and snow piles six feet tall. Before Jerry's return, I believe I will exercise my current authority and enact an ordinance making it illegal for sitting Presidents to abandon the Village during the winter!

All kidding aside, we have had a relatively quiet winter, however. No further water main breaks or other major catastrophes, just lots of overtime for the maintenance crew for plowing the endless snow. We did, in fact, hire an extra part-time employee to assist in the plowing duties. Scott Walkley joined the maintenance staff and has agreed to stay with us through the summer season when we normally hire a part-time employee. This will give us a chance to get him up to full operating efficiency prior to the tourist season.

In the next few weeks, crews will begin tearing up our roads as they begin our major sewer repair project. Most affected will be the five corners intersection at the bottom of Spring Valley. The contractor has
assured us that he will have that area back to an intact state prior to the Memorial Day holiday. Other areas to be repaired should be finished by July 1. They have already begun renovation of the pump station on Crystal Ave. and when completed it will have new pumps and a state-of-the art control panel making monitoring the station much easier for maintenance personnel. In the meantime, I am looking forward to seeing waves on the lake rather than the consistent flat surface we have endured for so long. I'm sure we'll all enjoy the upcoming spring as never before!
Jim Kilgus, President Pro Tem

Sidewalk Upgrades
Sidewalk work will begin soon. SRW who has the contract for the sewer project also has the contract for sidewalks. Sections from Commercial to Prospect (Hungry Tummy to Benzie Center bldg.) will be replaced or repaired and a new sidewalk will run from the parking lot north of the Library to the sidewalk that connects the Library to the main street by Lakeshore Title. Additional repairs are being identified as funds from MDOT grants become available. Replaced sidewalk sections will include pavers in anticipation of future street light work and underground wiring needs.
Jim Baltazar, Trustee

CLCBA Update
The Crystal Lake Community and Business Association sponsored the Winter Fest in February. Winners in the Chili Cook-Off were Kevin (no last name) /1st, Polly Herscher/2nd and John Darien/3rd. Other events such as frozen fish toss, frozen turkey bowling, horseshoes, softball tourney and others, concluding with fireworks on Crystal Lake. Village Trustee, Jim Baltazar, was the Grand Marshall of the afternoon parade. The Easter Egg Hunt was held at the park on the Saturday before Easter with over 150 children and families in attendance. CLCBA also gave its support to the 'beautification' project with a $250 donation for paints for the student-led trash can painting project which will include Beulah and Benzonia's metal trash cans. Volunteers are needed to help clean and prep the cans this spring, leave your name/number at the Village Office. Summer events are plentiful, check things out on their website:

Help keep Beulah beautiful by picking up trash!