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Fall 2008 - PAGE 5

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•  updating the painting of the yellow curb corners on Benzie Blvd. Although it was very hot when they painted, they said that compared to Texas , it wasn't that bad and the lake helped a lot!

•  Beulah Boosters supplied volunteers for the Team Marathon in August for the CLCBA sponsored event. Boosters hosted the water stations throughout the race course and they cleaned up!

•  The Darcy Library will take gently used books, soft and hard bound, for their daily sales table and for the Holiday sale in December.

•  Free FAX services for residents is available at the Village Office during office hours.

•  Corn stalks along the downtown and US 31 corridor in Beulah and Benzonia were put up by Beulah Boosters, CLCBA and Chamber staff. Ribbons provided by Victoria 's Floral and corn stalks donated by Pete Moss.

•  Ramp work is done at the Beulah Boat launch. The problematic drop off was filled in with large rocks and fill, just in time for the lake levels to drop for the winter. Watch your props as you take your boats out.

•  328 runners ran in the 4 th of July Firecracker Race sponsored by CLCBA.

•  Fair Park at Crystal Ave. and Benzie St. will have an upgrade with erosion control and some beach area as soon as permits are approved.

•  Many of the downtown businesses reported a decent to good summer season with sales.

•  Beulah Boosters are always looking for volunteers, applications are available at Crystal Copies on Benzie Blvd.

•  About a dozen wooden boats cruised Crystal Lake in mid August, creating a wonderful sound long after they were gone from sight. This was their second cruise and more are planned next summer. What a treat for us!

Feedback on new parking

The Village would like your feedback on the new angled parking configuration on Benzie Blvd. This added 17 additional parking spots for the Village. It is anticipated that, weather permitting, a center line may be added to help drivers.

I like it: _________________________________

I don't like it: _____________________________

Makes no difference to me: __________________

We need more parking spaces: _______________

Other ideas or suggestions: __________________


Beulah Brainstorm updates: Continuing on the meetings from last winter and suggestion or recommendations that were made, the following have resulted with the support of funding from the Village Council's Parks and Recreation Budget.

•  10 new flower boxes were added downtown,
•  new signs for the parks and beach were installed,
•  angled parking is being tried for a block
•  1 additional park bench, 1 picnic table and 4 new bike racks (3 in parks, 1 downtown) were purchased and streetscape ideas and funding are being explored.

Additional items have been provided due to the generosity of individuals, families and businesses. This summer, 2 park benches were donated and that sparked interest from others. Since then, 5 more benches have been given to the Village and a picnic table as well. Plaques are on the donated items, sharing thoughts and memories by the donors. As more discussion is held, there may be additional items that would beautify and benefit Beulah that will be identified. The Newsletter will share those ideas as they develop.

Park Yourself at Beulah Beach
The Village-owned travel trailer park at the beach in Beulah is ready for your 2009 business. Sites at the park are available for the 2009 season.
Contact with the Village Clerk at 231-882-4451 or email for more information.

Benzie County People 's Choice Awards -2008

Beulah Winners:

  • Best Roofing Mr. B's Roofing
  • Best Pizza Papano's Pizza
  • Best Golf Course Crystal Lake Golf Club
  • Best Deli L'Chayim
  • Best Soup Phoenix Café
  • Best Sandwiches East Shore Deli
  • Best Place to Buy Jewelry Northern Décor
  • Best Place to Buy Collectibles/Antiques Black Horse Antiques
  • Best Financial Institution Central State Bank

Congratulations to the Beulah recipients, see the Benzie County Record Patriot 10/8/08 insert for all the winners.

Village Council Trustees and Staff (current)

  • Jerry Rank President
  • Jim Baltazar Streets and Sidewalks
  • Patty Cantrell Parks and Recreation
  • Pat Elliott Law and Finance
  • Jim Kilgus Water and Sewer
  • Gary Pallin Equipment
  • Gary Siderman Buildings and Grounds
  • Laura Spencer Clerk
  • Dawn Olney Treasurer
  • Brian Moore Supervisor
  • James Whiting Village Crew
  • Zachary Jajo Village Crew