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From the Editors :

Recently a long time Benzie resident shared with me their belief that most people don't want change, they aren't interested in ideas from ‘outside or downstate' and that's why they are in Benzie, because it will remain the same. I have struggled with that conversation. Our goals for each newsletter is to share information, provide opportunity to be involved and promote the Village of Beulah. Everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts on items in the newsletter as well as suggestions and items. Feedback is really needed on such things as the new angled parking on Benzie Blvd. This is a big change and as we stood downtown last week, we were amazed at how quickly folks parked in the new slots. One woman came up and told me that she was so happy not to have to parallel park. This was better for her and probably for others! We have fielded questions on a variety of topics as we move around downtown and elsewhere. Our knowledge comes from attending Village Council meetings and asking questions. If there are specific questions that you want answered, such as when will other areas of sidewalk be repaired, those questions can be forwarded to the Village office and Jerry Rank assures us that the appropriate Trustee will respond. We have certainly been overwhelmed with the generosity of the many donors and volunteers who want to support Beulah. We're all in this together!

Phil Downs and Vicki Carpenter-Downs, Volunteer Editors

From the Village President

For such a small Village, there are sure a lot of things that happened this summer. Some are still in motion as of this writing. The sewer improvement project was completed under budget. This will allow us to fix an area near the Village Office that was not included in the original project. This all will be completed in November 2008. The new sidewalks have been completed on both the east and west side of Benzie Blvd., from Commercial St. to Clark St . We are now in the process of striping the east side for angled parking. We are trying angled parking and hope it will work. This will give the Village 17 additional, badly needed,

parking spaces during the summer. Your positive or negative feedback on this would be appreciated. Dredging of the Cold Creek holding pond is currently underway. Improvements to the launch ramp and Fair Park are also planned this year. Jim Baltazar is retiring from the Council in November, after many years of dedicated service as President and Trustee. Jim, the Village thanks you and wishes you well in the future. Most business owners reported that they had a good summer. A very successful Art Fair and Fourth of July brought thousands of people to Beulah which contributed to this success. I think that I have rambled on enough for this time. Everyone stay healthy and have a good holiday season.

Jerry Rank, President, Village of Beulah

P.S. Thanks to all who participated in putting up the corn stalks throughout the Village. They add a nice touch for the fall season.

Village Election Information :

Candidates for the Village Council are: Pat Elliott, Jim Kilgus, Gary Pallin and Gary Siderman. Jerry Rank is running for Village President. A vacancy on the Council will exist. It may be filled in one of two ways: first a write in candidate process can be used. To register as a write-in candidate, one must apply at the Benzonia Township office before 4 pm on Friday, October 24. Once registered, voters will need to write the name on the ballot and complete the arrow, as with all candidates. The second process, if no one runs as a write-in, is for the Council to appoint a qualified resident. Interested individuals may submit a letter of interest to the Village Council and or be nominated during the Council meeting. November 6 th will be the first meeting for the newly elected Village Council Trustees. Also on the ballot are Dawn Olney for Village Treasurer and Laura Spenser for Village Clerk.

Village Office Hours

  • Clerk-Laura Spencer Tues-Wed-Thurs 10-2 pm
  • Treasurer Dawn Olney Saturday 9-12 pm
  • Phone 231-882-4451 Fax 231-882-5759
  • Web Site: