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Welcome to the Village Newsletter

We are recent residents to Beulah and attend the Village Council meetings to learn more about our new home. As a result, we felt there was a way to share Village information that would benefit residents and help Beulah, so, a newsletter! Your feedback will be appreciated and our plans are to send it out quarterly with the water bill. Please let us know what you think and what else you’d like to know about Beulah. The newsletter distribution will be mid: October, January, May and July with your water bill. Thanks for your support and ideas.

Phil Downs and Vicki Carpenter-Downs

From the Village President

It is an honor and a privilege to introduce everyone to the new Beulah Newsletter. With the support of the entire Village Council, we hope that the Newsletter will increase and improve the sharing of information and ideas and provide opportunities for residents and business owners alike to be more aware and involved. If you have any ideas that you would like to share, the Newsletter welcomes them.

Now that Summer has passed and turned to Fall, we can look back and say "what a great summer it was”. The weather was very cooperative, although at times a little drier than we like, but from where I sat, it looked like everyone had a great time.

And now we are in what many consider to be our most beautiful season. The colors should be "peaking" right around the time the Newsletter gets in your hands to read. The lake is still in its liquid form so there is time for some great boating and great fishing. The trail is free of ice and snow so hiking and biking can remain on the menu. And if you like to "tee it up" there is still time to hit the ball and drag the bag a few more times. So don't put the toys away just yet; there is still plenty of fun to be had. And remember: there is no better place on the planet to be than Beulah in the Fall.

I would like to express my appreciation to Phil Downs and Vicki Carpenter-Downs for making this Newsletter a reality. Thank you Phil and Vicki for your involvement and community spirit!

Dick Belanger
Village of Beulah President

Meet Your Village Council (term expires)

  • Dick Belanger-President - 2008
  • Jim Baltazar-Streets and Sidewalks - 2008
  • Patty Cantrell-Parks and Recreation -2010
  • Pat Elliott-Law and Finance – 2008
  • Jim Kilgus-Buildings and Grounds - 2008
  • Gary Pallin-Equipment - 2008
  • Jerry Rank-Water and Sewer – 2010


back: Baltazar, Belanger, Kinsel, Palin seated: Olney, Kilgus, Rank, Elliott missing: Cantrell and Spencer

Village Staff:

  • Charlie Kinzel-Zoning
  • Laura Spenser-Clerk
  • Dawn Olney-Treasurer
  • Brian Moore-Superintendent
  • Dave Egeler-crew
  • Jeremiah Nerg-crew


Brian Moore, Dave Egeler, Jeremiah Nerg